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About Zoppo


Zoppo IS field hockey, and has been for over 23 years, but their staff have been in the hockey business and the hockey world eve longer, for more than 30 years. We have constantly worked on innovation and technical development with our manufacturers, and with valuable input from international players.

The seeds of the business were first sown in the 1980s, at the Hockey World Cup in London, where our foundations and understanding of hockey equipment manufacturing began; this added to our experience of playing in the top leagues in England.

Zoppo was born a few years later in 1994, and started with wooden junior and club level player sticks. Within 24 months we introduced composite sticks of international quality and added bags and accessories to the range, selling into the UK retail market.

During our history our company has used only two stick factories in Pakistan, retaining the consistency and quality of manufacture, giving reliable products for our retailers and players.

The brand grew quickly, following exposure with a number of GB international players, such as Jason Laslett and Brett Garrard, in the early days, and more recently Richard Mantell and Richard Smith.

In 2000, the company made the decision to expand around the world, selling through agents, starting in Europe and growing to over 22 countries, from Belgium to New Zealand, and from the Netherlands to the USA and Chile.


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