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Get Them Started Young

Like most sports, the younger children start to play and love the game, the more likely they will develop a high level of skill that will transmit through to the adult league. Highly skilled professional players usually come from a long legacy within the sport. The governing body of Field Hockey in America featured a brilliant success story about getting young people into the sport as early as they can. In Worcester, Massachusetts it is seems young people don’t really get any exposure to field hockey before high school. In some places there are better support networks but what this ultimately means is that some children are reluctant to get into the sport because it has never been promoted or second they are put off by the losing record of certain teams in the area. One thing for sure is that most kids want to be on the winning team and want to support winning teams. Same in football, same in rugby, same in all sports!

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good!

One local Worcester parent set out to change things for the children in her area. They connected with local business, sponsors and grants to secure transport, proper uniforms and proper equipment. They were already onto a winner. Now they had children looking good and feeling good! Playing good followed after intensive coaching in the basics of field hockey to get them match ready. The team made a slow start with understandable loses but eventually ended with a winning record. Zoppo loves this story as emphasises some basic truths in life. There are no shortcuts to success. You have to use the right equipment and work at it until success comes. The same is true about Zoppo Hockey. It has grown to a worldwide business based on providing top products with no shortcuts on quality. Check out the product catalogue on the Zoppo website.

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