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Getting Technical with Zoppo

If you know Zoppo you will know Zoppo loves field hockey. It is a brilliant game with a high degree of technical skill. Zoppo enjoys all aspects of the game but is glad to share with you some technical insights. For example, this article focuses on the skills involved with ‘deflection passing.’ If you are new to hockey then you are probably just getting familiar with how to hold the stick and move on the pitch.

The basic grip involves gripping the top of the stick with your left hand and holding the stick further down towards the base with your right hand. As a general rule your left hand will usually stay in the same place but your right hand may move more flexibly up and down the stick as your control the stick in various ways. At first there tends to be a habit of striking out at the ball even when passing but as you master greater control of the stick you will see much can be achieved simply by using your body momentum and that of the ball. Consider the deflection pass discussed below.

Don’t Pass on Deflection Passing

This is a skilful and very useful passing technique. To master it you need to master good control of your stick. The basic concept of this pass is that you do not need to strike the ball but merely let the ball impact your stick and skilfully redirect it, hence the deflection. This begins with a conventional grip on the stick and making sure the stick is angled at around 45 degrees from the body. As the ball approaches adjust the stick so the ball impacts the face of the stick. Post impact the key is to keep moving this allows for better control and balance. This is a useful pass as it allows for movement of the ball with speed. Of course it needs lots of practice to master. Make sure you include this in your practice drills.

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