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Give and Go with Zoppo

It seems 2017 has arrived! Zoppo wishes everyone a good year ahead, especially those young teams which are aspiring for greatness in their various leagues around the world. Zoppo enjoys following the sport at lots of levels and in many countries around the world. Even though it is a new year one thing always remains the same. The constant need to train and improve your hockey skills. In this article Zoppo reviews one of the basic team moves that require solid grounding in every team. The basic movement of the ball is usually between two players but can involve more. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 who is situated to their outside. Player 1 then runs clockwise to the ball. Player 2 receives the ball from the initial pass and passes it back to player 1 in their new position. The cycle can be repeated with a new player. It is worth noting this manoeuvre can be performed clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Give and Go again with Zoppo

This is an effective movement because it can be executed at speed. Of course it needs lots of practice. Fundamental to successfully using this movement is really good control in passing the ball with accuracy as well as skilfully receiving the ball. All of this gets harder and more demanding the faster the movement happens. It is beneficial to walk through the movement when learning it for the first time to make sure everyone understands how it works. This is a really popular move and used extensively in the game. The beauty of this is once it is mastered it can be executed with lots of different combinations of players. When using this as a practice drill it also serves to help players develop the passing and receiving skills. If you are an aspiring talent in hockey you need to be playing with the right hockey stick. Check out the range from Zoppo on our website catalogue.

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