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Testimonial Maurits S (Netherlands)

11th May 2017

The best stick I ever used. It’s got a lot of power

Testimonial Neil B (Bracknell)

My stick has broken, after 10 years, can I get a replacement!!

Testimonial Sonja E (Germany)

Thank you for your support at our tournament “Hockeygirl meets Hockeyboy” in Essen.

Testimonial Howard S (USA)

Great products, and as an Agent

Testimonial George (Exeter)

Always recommend Zoppo!

Testimonial Bertrand (Paris)

Great product, no gimmicks

Testimonial Hanna (Glasgow)

Problem with bag, thank you for sorting so quickly.

Testimonial Paul (Teddington)

New stick 25S, same old quality, brilliant.

Testimonial Lindsey H (USA)

Named National Player of the Year, thank you Zoppo for my LBXS.

Getting Technical with Zoppo

28th January 2017

If you know Zoppo you will know Zoppo loves field hockey. It is a brilliant game with a high degree of technical skill. Zoppo enjoys all aspects of the game but is glad to share with you some technical insights. For example, this article focuses on the skills involved with ‘deflection passing.’ If you are Read More


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