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Grime Doubles His Golden Whistle Achievement

21st November 2016

Murray Grime is an Umpire of distinction. If you have an eye for detail you will have known that he was entrusted with umpiring the high profile game recently between Pakistan and India. Murray received his Golden Whistle in 2005. Since then he has notched up another incredible 100 games taking him to the prestigious Read More

Clash of Hockey Titans

19th November 2016

To say India and Pakistan are sporting rivals is an understatement. These 2 nations boast a glorious history of competition in numerous sports, most especially cricket and of course field hockey! When these 2 great sides get together for a game it is almost impossible to reliably predict who will win. Both have had their Read More

Golden Handshake or a Golden Whistle?

17th November 2016

Every working person who passes middle age is familiar with the term a ‘golden handshake.’ This generally is a goodbye token of appreciation given to retiring employees. Usually it takes the form of a sentimental gift or for some it can be a lump sum of money. Either way, as nice as it sounds if Read More

Chilean Wine and Chilean Hockey!

14th November 2016

If you mention Chile to anyone possibly the first thing that comes to mind is a glass of wine with distinction. It is the geography and climate that make Chilean wine so successful. Chile enjoys pleasant and reliable summers, unlike Britain of course where guessing the weather in the summer is anyone’s game. That said Read More

Play Field Hockey on Your Computer

25th October 2016

Are you looking for a really good field hockey game that you can play on your computer that uses 3D imaging so the game looks as real as it can on a computer? Football and numerous other sports all have their favourite games that allow you to develop your skill and tactics on the field. Read More

Hollywood and Field Hockey

24th October 2016

These are not 2 words you often see in the same sentence. Check out this great motivational video featuring some excellent field hockey action set to the soundtrack from numerous famous Hollywood movies. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Hockey fan or not, we all appreciate certain aspects to any sporting and competitive game. Read More

Problem with Sticky Balls?

23rd October 2016

This is not a health condition but a real complaint by some hockey players about the condition and quality of some Hockey balls. Some players complain that the balls are not smooth enough. They seem to stick to the hockey stick in the sense that they do not freely roll off the stick as you Read More

Maddie Hinch for Prime Minister

22nd October 2016

So went one tweet after Hinch lead Great Britain to Gold in the Rio Olympics. Even though several months have passed since those amazing moments it still brings a huge smile to so many when they consider the long road to Olympic Gold. This really was an incredible achievement and had all British Hockey fans Read More

British sides make a brilliant start in the EHL

14th October 2016

The Scottish side Bromac Kelburne, the Welsh side Cardiff & Met as well as the English side Holcombe all did very well in their opening matches of the European Hockey League. This is excellent news as the competition will be tough. With so much talent being draw from across Europe you can be sure of Read More


14th October 2015

“Thank you for your support at our tournament “Hockeygirl meets Hockeyboy” in Essen.” Sonja E (Germany)