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Olympic Champion in his 70’s

Nearly everyone loves the Olympics. The Olympic Movement symbolised by 5 interlacing rings represent the 5 continents of the world. The Olympics personify the uniting quality of sport through competition and fair play. The Olympic Order is the highest award given by the Olympic Movement. It is highly prestigious and reserved for special individuals who have worked tirelessly for the benefit of world sport and who subscribe to the principles that the Olympics idealise. This award has been given to former International Hockey Federation President Leandro Negre from Spain. He is a real Olympic Champion! Of course this is a tribute not only to Leandro Negre but also to Hockey itself.

Who is Leandro Negre?

Zoppo loves to highlight the work and lives of those that make a difference in sport, especially if it involves field hockey. Leandro has a strong legacy in hockey that comes from his father. It is interesting to know that Leandro’s father founded the European Hockey Federation (EHF) in Cardiff in 1969. Leandro joined the EHF in 1993 as Vice President and eventually became President in 2003. Leandro was a visionary in the sport coming up with new ideas, regulations and even prize money. Leandro moved to the International Hockey Foundation in 2008 and was instrumental in developing the 10 year Hockey Revolution, which is a strategy for developing hockey as a global game that inspires future generations.

Field Hockey will continue to need leaders such as Leandro to drive the sport forward and secure its future in the hearts of many young people to come. Zoppo is delighted to hear about his most recent tribute and award and wish him the very best for the future. Zoppo continues to be a supporter of the International Hockey Federation and looks forward to the seeing its future continue to prosper.

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