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Two Greats Will be Sorely Missed

Everyone knows the famous players that hit the headlines such as Mad Dog Maddie Hinch. However, in the background quietly working for the success of British hockey are many superb coaches. Take for example Craig Keegan. He has been at the heart of training for the woman’s British team for about 9 years. He has seen many young players go from aspiring raw talent to world class champions. The Rio success has to be one of the highlights of his career but now Craig Keegan is stepping away from his role with the woman’s team so he can focus more on his family. His coaching days are far from over though. He will take up a role with the University of Derby to head up their sports programmes. He will be sorely missed by head coach Danny Kerry and all of the team.

Second Highest Capped Player of All Time

Do you know who it is? Yes, it is Karen Brown. She earnt 355 caps, bronze in the Olympics and European Gold as well as a wealth of other victories. Perhaps now though she is best known for her superb work with the British woman’s team as an assistant coach. Like Craig Keegan she is stepping down from her coaching role and will be greatly missed. During her time as assistant coach the team’s world ranking has climbed from ninth in 2005 to second in 2016. This is the team’s highest ever world ranking. Karen Brown has made a big contribution to that success. Two greats in the world of hockey coaching will be missed indeed. Zoppo loves all things hockey and wants to champion those that make such contributions to the game. Thank you Keegan and Brown, we wish you a happy and prosperous future!

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