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Why Zoppo?

Our brand is all about combining being thoughtful with technical design and construction, for the modern game; we keep our product range relatively small, and simple to understand, so we can focus on quality products.

Each product is designed and developed, after extensive research and development, for the purpose of playing the game according to the needs of the player.  With our synergies with our factories, designers and hockey playing public, in conjunction with materials development and expert testing, means the new range of products are of superior quality and durability.  The composite material manufacturers supply the Carbon, Kevlar and Aramid used in our composite hockey sticks, located in the Netherlands, have been leading the way in composite materials development and have been servicing the aerospace industry for many years.

This means quality and durability to suit you, which you can rely on.

In 2015/16, stick breakages or any other reported problems with all our product range was less than 1%; not bad for a company selling around the world.

So, take a look at our products; try them in your local hockey specialist retailer; pick them up and play with them.  Sticks are part of you; feel and balance are important.  Visit your hockey shops if you can!


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